Water Damage Repair in Markham

For many years now, Markham Restoration has been a leading water damage contractor in the city of Markham, Ontario.  Our expertise and experience has earned us a reputation of providing the full range of water restoration services throughout the city of Markham – rapidly, reliably, and professionally. The water damage services we provide include water extraction, water removal, water damage drying and water damage repair and restoration.

What is Water Damage?

Water damage is damage or loss of property that is caused to your home or office resulting from large amounts of water, or from smaller amounts of water that gather in the wrong places. Damage from water can result from acts of nature such as hurricanes or floods, from the breakdown of equipment or pipes, or from small water seepages or leaks.

The first thing that must be done when dealing with water damage is to remove the water. Specialized equipment, such as water extractors and water pumps, are used for water extraction and water removal in order to complete this as quickly as possible and to thereby avoid any further water damage from occurring. Special drying equipment and blowers can then be used to quickly and thoroughly dry the affected areas.

Water Damage Restoration and Repair

Once the task of water removal and drying has been completed, the next undertaking is to assess what elements of the building structure and/or its contents have been affected. Once the water damaged components have been recognized, the final steps of water repair and water restoration can begin.

The first step in water repair is to correctly determine and locate the root cause of the water problem.  In some cases, it is obvious, such as in the case of a broken water heater, a burst pipe, or heavy rains and flooding. In other cases, it may not be obvious at all and will require a water damage specialist with the experience and expertise to detect the cause of the problem. Once the original problem has been pinpointed and the water repair completed, the water damage restoration process can begin. This process will repair and restore the elements that were damaged by the water problem.

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Our professionally trained staff has many years of expert field experience providing quality water damage services to the Markham community – for fair and reasonable prices. Our professional technicians and friendly customer support people have earned us the reputation as one of the best water damage and restoration specialists in Markham, Ontario. All of our water damage and restoration technicians are licensed and have been trained to use the most modern equipment and techniques. This results in higher quality work at lower cost for our customers.

We are available to provide rapid response to water damage emergencies any time of the day or night via our 24x7x365 emergency hotline.