This is what our customers have to say about us…


There was so much water in our living room that I thought it would take days to remove all of it. Luckily a neighbor suggested that I contact Markham Restoration. They arrived quickly and did a better job of removing the water than I ever could have done – in a fraction of the time! ~ Lenny B.


I had no idea what to do when I discovered my basement floor covered with sewage water.  I called my brother who told me to contact Markham Restoration since they specialize in sewage backup cleanup.  Sometimes little brothers can be right.~ Stanley T.


As soon as we entered our house after our weekend away, I could smell that something was wrong. The heavy rains had leaked into the basement and mold had already begun to grow. Before I even unpacked, I called Markham Restoration.  ~ Alex S.


My father called me in a panic because his water boiler burst and flooded his entire basement. I said “Dad, calm down and stop trying to mop it all up by yourself. I’ll call Markham Restoration for you and they’ll be right over. ~Nancy W.