Basement Water Extraction in Markham

Did you know that the most important element to ensuring your home is restored to its pre-flood condition is how quickly you take action? Did you know that the real damage from a flood comes from standing water, which slowly seeps into the walls, insulation, carpeting, and carpet padding, causing serious damage to the integrity of each piece? There’s nothing more important than making sure you get all that water extracted from your home’s ceiling, walls, and floors as quickly as possible. This is why the best advice we can give you as professionals of flood remediation is to call for a team of trained experts with the tools to do the job right. Basement water extraction in Markham is a sure success when you call for Markham Restoration.

Why Extraction?

It is important to make sure you’re extracting water as quickly as possible. Extracting the water has more than just one purpose. Many people make the mistake of simply letting their home air dry after a flood, but basements are the prime location for a mold infestation to begin. Toxic black mold will hide in the moist and dark spaces your basement provides and then that mold will cause health issues for you and all those living under your roof. To avoid mold and ensure as much of a restoration as possible, quick water extraction is important.

Our Task List

When we show up, the very first thing we’ll do is begin ventilation (opening windows and doors) and clean up—not the in-depth cleaning that we’ll do later, but we’ve got to remove debris and your belongings from the standing water right away so that they won’t be damaged. Next, our technicians will set up pumps and vacuums that are the most powerful on the market. These will quickly help you to extract the water that has pooled and is seeping in to do damage. After all the water is out, we’ll help dry up any remaining moisture with our dehumidifiers and fans. Extraction isn’t hard with the right tools and proper procedures, so let us help you take a serious problem and make the restoration as simple as possible.

Trust Markham Restoration when you need basement water extraction.